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also scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxicleantm is safe to use around lawns and plants plus it will not damage fabrics. make sure to scrub surface clean after applying scotts outdoor cleaner plus oxicleantm for best results. 3.. used this product on my outdoor furniture and gazebo trex flooring and vinyl railings.【Get Price】

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directions for use will vary depending on which product you choose and be sure to follow them to the letter for best results! if it's been some time since you tackled the patio floor mix clear dish soap and water in a bucket and apply with a yacht mop to brighten things up. if you notice there are stains you can scrub them with.【Get Price】

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apr 10 2012 . supplies for concrete patio cleaner: cleaner supplies. you'll need 2 parts baking soda and 1 part bleach. i usually start with two cups of baking soda and. solution is also good for killing the mold and mildew and it is what it is lol chlorine... so with all things use them in a manner appropriate for safety.【Get Price】

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tatics for any deck or patio surface. before you work with cleaning products or apply stains or sealants read all directions carefully. 5. use only natural-bristle or plastic scrub brushes. maintenance the best way to combat mildew and other stains is to keep the deck clean with regular use of a broom and a hose. stains【Get Price】

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jun 22 2017 . this article presents choices for readers to create safe natural cleaning products for their concrete patio. more effective. use your favorite eco-friendly liquid soap and add a little baking soda to clean your patio. you may even spray vinegar on top of the hydrogen peroxide for additional cleaning power.【Get Price】

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concrete garage floors: garage floors see a lot of activity. car care products lawn products and just plain dirt are just a few things that make your garage floor look less than appealing. on top of that most people use their garage as the main entry to the home. this can bring in unwanted oil and dirt and ruin carpets.【Get Price】

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get your concrete patio ready for outdoor entertaining with these cleaning tips from diy network. you keep the floors of you house clean so keep your patio clean as well. spring is a good time to clean . spray the solution onto the surface let sit for a few minutes and then scrub with a stiff nylon-bristled brush. don't use a.【Get Price】

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this concrete patio cleaner is perfect for patios in dire need of a cleaning. this recipe will make your patio look brand spanking new!【Get Price】

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how to clean a patio. spring and summer are excellent seasons to sit in the garden enjoying the good weather and to relax with family and friends. cleaning the patio beforehand is important but generally the job can be huge depending.【Get Price】

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grease stains left by the grill? algae or mildew? apply this cleaning agent with a soft nylon brush. rinse then follow with a protective uv oil (we like penofinultra premium red label ( for stores); a mini paint roller makes it easy to coat on. to buy: simple green deck and fence cleaner $12【Get Price】

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jul 7 2012 . keep your patio and deck clean with these easy tips and enjoy it all summer long. keep good patio furniture cleaner and paper towels handy to quickly zap stains (from berries birds and more) from tabletops . products we recommend sign up for a tour of the good housekeeping research institute.【Get Price】

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the origin of basic soap goes back hundreds of years and today there are a multitude of modern detergents and cleaners to choose from. some utilize complex chemistry to target specific types of contamination and dirt in a wide variety of environmental conditions. even with the best cleaner good old-fashioned elbow.【Get Price】

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not only do we have cutting-edge cleaning technology to power our service but our professionals know how to apply the most appropriate cleaning methods to concrete natural stone and tile patios. our patio cleaning process includes several beneficial steps: pre-cleaning with procyon a top-rated green product that is.【Get Price】

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diy miracle concrete patio cleaner: 3 parts baking soda + 2 parts bleach to make a paste. use a scrub.. gb - did not work - the best grout cleaner ~ so are you ready to finally get your tile floors and grout lines cleaned? . leave room at top of the bottle so u can add cup yummy smelling dish soap. fill the rest.【Get Price】

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baking soda is a good cleaning alternative as well. its abrasive texture gives it natural scrubbing power to help remove dirt and grime. mix half cup of baking soda with one gallon of water and mop the concrete patio floor. if there is baking soda residue spritz with vinegar to remove. for a stronger cleaning solution add.【Get Price】

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mar 24 2017 . all joking about power-washers aside they're best used on concrete (they can damage wood and mortar) so if you really need to give your porch an overhaul power-wash . wash the deck with the soapy solution or the wood cleaner using a sponge and bucket (like the kind you'd use to wash your car).【Get Price】

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“it works great for cleaning our concrete garage floor and getting rid of the smells associated with our dog house being there. my hubby even . as you do. gloss up and clean wood flooring paneling and furniture with a simple pine-sol solution. mop the deck with this mixture using a brush or sponge to scrub siding.【Get Price】