replacing tongue and groove porch boards

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If you're replacing tongue-and-groove boards you have to cut the bottoms of the grooves off the boards that go in the last row with a tablesaw. You then drop the boards into the space and top 【Get Price】

Smart U Video 409 Porch Floor Repair

SmartURemodeling's shared video file. If you have an old house with a front porch with a wood floor. You will want to view this video How to replace wood flooring.【Get Price】

How to Replace Sections of a Tongue & Groove Hardwood

Tongue-and-groove flooring uses a system of interlocking edges – tongues and grooves – to stay in place with few nails. When floor planks get split or warped replace them for aesthetic 【Get Price】

replacing tongue and groove porch boards

Watch this video to find out how to remove a rotten wood porch floor and replace it with pressure treated pine floor joists and tongue and groove flooring.stacked with spacers between the boards protected from getting wet and allowed to【Get Price】

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Once you're sure the replacement board fits put it into the opening by sliding the grooved end of the replacement board over the tongue end of the existing board and the replacement board tongue side into the groove on the in place floor board.【Get Price】

How to Repair Tongue and Groove Porch Flooring

Get the edges of this board knocked inward on either side with your tongue and groove fittings of each of the adjacent boards. Step 5 – Lay Replacement Plank. Once you have cut and adjusted the replacement plank you will run wood glue on the rest of it and press it into place.【Get Price】

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For this repair project we milled interlocking tongue-and-groove boards from treated lumber to replace the original rotted porch boards. I decided to replace the entire side of porch flooring with the exception of a roughly 4-ft. span that I could tell was the original porch flooring from when the house was built in 1880.【Get Price】