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21 sep 2017 . it can be laid as a floating floor over your existing floor (timber concrete tiles — you name it) and is designed to be used with an underlay. the better the product the thicker the solid wood layer on top — which is particularly important if it needs sanding to repair any patches at some point. image: fired.【Get Price】

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19 jun 2013 . here is couple of tricks on how to cut when you are installing underlayment for hardwood or laminate floor installation. subscribe for more vids! .【Get Price】

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2/ then instal (glue / nail) a wood based underlayment 4 by 8 panels (eg. 4 mm luan wood is the minimum or 1/2 inch pt or osb to comply to code possibly / pressure treated is bad for your health if good for your floor . cannot be in contact with human habitat.) must be anchored/glued to the concrete slab on top of the.【Get Price】

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firstly the type of underlay you need will depend on the sub-floor that you're fitting your new flooring on top of. usually the sub-floor is either a concrete base or wooden floor base. if the sub-floor is concrete then usually you'll need an underlay that has a moisture barrier a built-in dpm (damp proof membrane) or a.【Get Price】

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all wickes' laminate solid and engineered wood flooring can be laid on any smooth sub-floor timber or concrete. the subfloor . for laminate and engineered wood floors lay a 1000 gauge damp-proof membrane (dpm) sheet or use wickes' high performance underlay which has an integrated dpm. these can also be.【Get Price】

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so long as your project meets certain criteria there is no reason why polyfoam underlay should not be used and fulfill its purpose perfectly. polyfoam underlay is usually white approximately 2 mm thick and is intended for use on perfectly level wooden sub-floors. it should not be used on concrete sub-floors.【Get Price】

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27 aug 2010 . moisture can come up through your subfloor especially if you are installing over concrete or below-grade. a moisture barrier is need to protect the flooring against moisture or moisture vapor. along with the moisture barrier you may want to install an underlayment. it insulates and cushions the flooring.【Get Price】

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2 feb 2015 . in the case of concrete subfloors it is advised that a 0.2mm polyethylene film is used as a moisture barrier between the two floors to avoid any moisture in the subfloor coming in to contact with the engineered floor. you should also always use a 0.2mm polyethylene film under the underlay to act as a.【Get Price】

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17 apr 2015 . you'll need to consider the sub-floor type whether it's concrete wood or tile. concrete flooring will require an underlay with a moisture barrier to stop moisture getting into your flooring and potentially swelling or warping the boards. if you're in a flat or laying a product on the first floor or above you might.【Get Price】

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28 mar 2013 . when considering a wood based floor covering you may require an underlay. let's look at the different . to be more concise these type of underlays only protect against moisture vapour or residual building moisture of 75% relative humidity of less (this refers to concrete floors). strictly anything above that.【Get Price】

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13 apr 2011 . if it is a newbuild the concrete floor will be a certain thickness to avoid noise pollution to the flat below you should use a dpm underlay to avoid damp but being on the first floor you should be ok with a basic foam underlay. if it is an old building you should use acoustic underlay stuck down with a tackifier.【Get Price】

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22 jul 2013 . underlay acts as a middle layer between the subfloor and the hardwood floor to help thermal resistance and/or sound proofing. under no circumstances should an underlay be used to level an uneven subfloor. if you are installing onto an uneven concrete subfloor the surface should be self levelled prior to.【Get Price】

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floating on an adhesive backed underlay. you can also install a solid wood floor over a concrete subfloor by floating it on an adhesive backed underlay such as fast fit peel stick underlay. this has adhesive on one side which the solid wood floor is laid onto. before you lay down the underlay you will need to first lay a.【Get Price】

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11 jun 2015 . fill any voids or deflections in your substrate with a cementitious patch like tec fast-set deep patch or a self-leveling underlayment. it's not your adhesive's job to fill voids or deflections. before installing engineered hardwood flooring over concrete follow the acclimation instructions of the flooring and.【Get Price】