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dec 24 2012 . this is the type of pool bottom most commonly used by pool installers. pre-mix vermiculite is easy on the pool liner it is firm but has a soft texture to it. it can also prevent underground water issues from occurring under the liner. pool base or pool mix is one of the easiest pool floors to apply and forms a hard.【Get Price】

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the idea was that the addition of vermiculite or perlite to the floor of the above ground pool was going to protect the vinyl and make the pool bottom softer. both of these materials feel completely different under your feet. vermiculite feels like the liner is very thick and spongy at first but once it is packed down from water.【Get Price】

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vermiculite floor repair. new vermiculite floor installations depth modifications plastic step additions. vinyl over step additions wood wall to steel wall conversions. wood wall reconstruction vinyl pool removal. much more.. all vinyl-liner replacements come with: . ​custom measurement for a sure fit. year round.【Get Price】

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save 50-75% verxite by specialty vermiculite | red and green bags | location:chicago | used cheap salvage surplus recycled. fire protection horticulture industrial loose fill thermal insulation masonry insulation molten steel insulation packaging films plasters refractory specialty coatings swim pool liners.【Get Price】

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does your above ground pool need plastic under the sand? . i feel i can get a smoother bottom using sand than i could with vermiculite. i prefer not to use plastic as i . styrofoam for above ground pool · the best above ground pool base · base for above ground pool · foam pool base · pool floor pads · pool underlay.【Get Price】

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hand trowel (for cement or vermiculite floors). • vacuum with hose attachment (commercial grade if possible). • herbicide or algaecide. above ground swimming pool vinyl liner replacement. 1. completely drain the pool. 2. once the swimming pool is empty begin removing the pool liner by removing any bolts or screws.【Get Price】

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medium grade palmetto vermiculite creates a lighter weight less-abrasive cement floor that is softer and easier on pools with vinyl liners. by simply mixing sand portland cement (found at any hardware store) and vermiculite you will create a smoother considerably softer but equally durable pool surface that will protect.【Get Price】

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how to use schundler pool base or crystal cushion for above ground pools · insulating perlite concrete for inground vinyl pools (if you can't find vermiculite). the schundler company manufactures vermiculite products like schundler v+16 pool base ultra mix and ultra mix ii. these products normally are sold to.【Get Price】

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some are made of polymer or plastic which are not as good or not as strong in this environment no matter what anyone tells you. the bottom portion of the pool which consists of the floor and the slopes down to the floor are either troweled concrete vermiculite and in some older cases sand. the steel and floor are covered.【Get Price】